Rebecca Otto


Rebecca spoke about her philosophy at the home of Don and Meg Arnosti

The most important thing to know is that Rebecca Otto doesn't tell you what she thinks you want to hear; she tells you what you need to know Tweet This , without fear or favor, and her record backs that up. She is guided by the goal of making people's lives better, and by the belief that everyone has value and deserves respect. Below you can explore a few examples of how Rebecca's philosophy plays out in her approach to some of the issues in this interactive guide.


Fighting the politics of greed

Rebecca Otto on the issues


Rebecca's Philosophy

Rebecca in DuluthRebecca puts the people's interests first

Put the people's interests first

Rebecca Otto's work as Governor will be guided by a core philosophy: end the politics of unfettered greed Tweet This , which serves the few, and get back to a politics of the common good that serves the People and their interests. All of Rebecca's positions on the issues reflect this philosophy, and it guides her every decision, from challenging the constitutionality of privatizing core government services, to standing up to multinational foreign corporations and watching out for Minnesota taxpayers' best interests.

Rebecca has a track record of assuring accountability and transparency with billions of taxpayer dollars Tweet This as a statewide elected executive. That strong executive and financial experience combined with her courageous leadership, her values-based economic vision and her strong statewide electoral history, sets her apart and will enable her to achieve her goal of meaningfully improving people's lives.


Our broken process at the Capitol

Rebecca taking on an issue at the legislatureRebecca taking on an issue at the legislature

Rebecca will fight for more transparency and accountability

The process at the legislature this last cycle was worse than ever. Many of the final bills were negotiated by six people behind closed doors on the last few days of session. The public was shut out.

As Governor, Rebecca Otto will push for legislation that requires the Legislature to abide by the Open Meeting Law Tweet This like the rest of government when making important decisions that impact our lives, and legislation that requires all final Omnibus bills to be posted for public review a minimum of 48 hours before being acted on by both legislative bodies.


Small businesses and entrepreneurship

Rebecca and Shawn in their first business truckRebecca and Shawn in their first business truck many years ago

Small and Local Businesses create the economies of the future

Rebecca Otto founded, built and later sold a successful 50-employee small business with her husband Shawn. Tweet This On her listening tour, she heard about the problems that one-size-fits-all regulation and the burdens of health insurance expenses place on small businesses. Increasing the success of our local businesses, local banks, and local family farmers will be a major priority for Rebecca as Governor.


Raising the minimum wage

Rebecca discusses livable wage issues with labor repsRebecca discusses livable wage issues with labor representatives

A matter of economic justice

Across her statewide listening tour Rebecca met hard-working people who are under-compensated, making it hard to make ends meet. This is hurting our families, our communities, and our way of life. Rebecca Otto supports increasing the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation. Tweet This She will also be releasing an economic plan that will help increase wages across the state.



Rebecca speaking about health careRebecca speaks to Minnesotans about her health care plan

Health care is a human right

The healthcare crisis is driven by many factors. Working with state and national health care experts, Rebecca Otto has a plan to achieve universal, affordable, comprehensive, guaranteed, publicly financed health care. Tweet This


Women’s Reproductive Health

Rebecca at the Women's marchRebecca joined 100,000 women at the Minnesota Women's March

Protect women's reproductive freedom

Rebecca believes that decisions about reproductive health care should left to women and their families Tweet This , not the government. She does not support any rollbacks of women's ability to access quality reproductive health care services, birth control, STD care and prevention, or medically accurate sexuality education.


Mental Health Care Access

Rebecca and Hubert HumphreyRebecca stands with those in the shadows of life

Improve mental health care access and destigmatize mental health issues

On her statewide listening tour, Rebecca heard that there is a lack of beds for Minnesotans suffering a mental health crisis. Parents and spouses see loved ones sent across the state for treatment. In one community, health care workers reported having to hold people in the emergency room for up to four days waiting for an open bed, and then sending the patient hundreds of miles away. As Governor Rebecca Otto will work to destigmatize mental health issues and make mental health services available and affordable Tweet This when and where people need them.


The War on Drugs

Let’s keep Minnesota families together

Rebecca speakingRebecca speaks with Minnesotans about decriminalizing small drug offenses

Criminalizing small drug offenses and mental health challenges has overwhelmed our prison system and destroyed families and lives. It is not the answer to addiction. Rebecca Otto wants to decriminalize small drug offenses and get effective treatment to those who are struggling. Tweet This This is an especially important priority if we want to tackle our current opioid crisis, which was driven by the overprescription of pharmaceutical opioids that can be addictive with two weeks of use. In taking a public health approach to Minnesotans struggling with addiction, Rebecca supports the expansion of drug and mental health courts. Rebecca supports the development and commercialization of agricultural and industrial hemp.



Rebecca has a master's of education and taught public school science for five yearsRebecca was a public school science teacher for 5 years

It’s not an achievement gap; it’s an opportunity gap

Rebecca speaks with a cub scoutStrong schools are the heart of strong communities

Rebecca has a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota and taught science for 5 years in Minnesota public schools. She wants all children to succeed in school so that they can engage in society in a meaningful way. Rebecca Otto believes that a child’s education should be high quality regardless of zip code. Tweet This She knows that the current funding system does not equitably fund our schools, and will work to reform it. And as Governor, Rebecca will not allow public funds to be diverted to private schools.


College tuition

We need to make college affordable to everyone again

Rebecca getting her undergraduate degreeRebecca getting her undergraduate degree

One of the biggest impediments to economic success is large debt. College graduates cannot get a good start in life with student debt the size of a home mortgage. Rebecca Otto will support legislation that adequately funds our university system and that reduces college tuition Tweet This .


Justice & equality

Rebecca leaving her tractor

We are one big Minnesota family

Rebecca believes that no matter where we were born, how we identify, or what we look like, we are all Minnesotans first. Like family, we may not always agree with each other, we may not always like each other, and we may not always understand each other, but we're family, and we take care of each other. No matter the issue, the foundation of our democracy is equality, and as our Governor, Rebecca Otto will protect it Tweet This and use it as her guide.


Family Farms

Rebecca leaving her tractorRebecca bringing a rack of hay up to the barn

We can make the economics better for farmers

Gilfillan, the site of Minnesota Farmfest, is a family farmGilfillan, the site of Minnesota Farmfest, is a family farm

Rebecca Otto is the one candidate who bridges both Metro and Rural areas of the state. Tweet This She lives on a small farm on the edge of the seven-county Metro Area. Minnesota Farmfest is held on the farm of her husband’s great aunt and uncle, who were a foundation family in Minnesota farming. Rebecca has served on the Rural Finance Authority board, financing farm operations throughout the state for the last eleven years. She also served on the Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Finance Committees in the legislature. As Governor, Rebecca will work to ensure that farmers have a viable third and fourth crop to help them be resilient. Rebecca is supportive of crops like industrial hemp, which has been grown in Minnesota successfully in the past. Tweet This


Clean water

We must protect our legacy of clean water

Rebecca canoeing near ElyRebecca canoeing near Ely

Protecting and reclaiming our clean water heritage will be a major priority for Rebecca Otto. Tweet This Rebecca heard over and over on her statewide listening tour that Minnesotans value and want to protect our clean water all across the land of 10,000 lakes, and that the state should work cooperatively with local officials to clean up impaired waters. In many communities lakes are so impaired it's not safe to swim. In other communities, the water's unsafe to drink. Rebecca is the only Constitutional Officer on the Executive Council to vote against copper-nickel mining leases until we require strong financial assurances to protect Minnesota taxpayers from clean up costs.


Climate Change

We must bring Minnesota into the 21st century clean energy economy

Rebecca on climate and clean energy

Rebecca Otto is Minnesota's best opportunity to tackle climate disruption. Tweet This Rebecca has lived in a sustainable, clean energy home since 1995. With more than two decades of personal experience in the climate change discussion, Rebecca understands the economics of clean energy and how to make Minnesota into a national leader.



Rebecca developed a nation-leading infrastructure mapRebecca developed a nation-leading infrastructure mapping tool

Government should take the long view

We rely on government to provide the infrastructure we need – basics like roads, bridges, wastewater treatment, and drinking water production are aging and require attention. And today, access to broadband internet is necessary for our rural communities to compete in the economy. To get a handle on our infrastructure needs, Rebecca worked collaboratively to develop a nation-leading interactive map of some of our civil infrastructure: so that we can have more informed conversations, which will lead to better decision-making and long-term outcomes for all Minnesotans. Rebecca is committed to ensuring we tackle our infrastructure challenges, and to ensuring broadband access statewide Tweet This .


Collective Bargaining

Unions are a wall against the politics of greed

Rebecca is pro-unionRebecca is pro-union

Rebecca is union made. She grew up in a union family, with both parents in the union. As a former public school teacher, Rebecca Otto was member of the Education Minnesota teacher's union. Tweet This Her husband is in the Writer's Guid of America, an AFL-CIO member union. She understands the critical role unions have played in creating and sustaining the middle class, and in protecting workers from unfettered greed. As State Auditor, she has made sure local governments follow prevailing wage laws, and as our Governor, Rebecca Otto will not support any attempts to roll back collective bargaining in Minnesota. Tweet This


Our One Minnesota community

Rebecca's famous Rebecca's famous "One Minnesota Get Together" at her farm in 2004

As governor, Rebecca will reset the tone

Rebecca discusses her vision with Walter Mondale and Arne CarlsonRebecca brought Walter Mondale and Arne Carlson together for the first time and discussed her vision with them at her 2004 "One Minnesota Get-Together"

Minnesotans value being a national leader in good public policy, including education, healthcare, accountable transparent government, farming, and clean energy. We value strong public schools, a great public higher education system, our arts community, caring for the common good, and our amazing and plentiful parks, trails, lakes and rivers where we recreate.

Rebecca’s public service has been focused on our shared values. In 2004, Rebecca brought Arne Carlson and Walter Mondale together for the first time during her "One Minnesota Get Together" event at her farm to talk about the importance of statewide unity and that government needed to get back to work for the People’s shared interests. Rebecca Otto believes that every Minnesotan deserves equality of opportunity and the ability to pursue happiness Tweet This , and she will work hard to make that happen as our next Governor.




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