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Endorsed by world-leading climate experts, Rebecca Otto is our best hope. She and her husband built their own green home with their own hands 23 years ago, and have been national leaders in tackling the problem and moving on to the great, well-paying jobs of the clean energy economy. Don't vote for someone who'll just pay lip service to your values. Vote for the candidate who actually lives them, and who has proven over and over that she defends them and wins statewide because of it! 

Winning in 2018 and then actually doing something about climate change and the clean energy economy is too important to vote for a compromise candidate or one who is untested statewide. Rebecca Otto is both the strongest electoral choice and the best policy choice. It's worth shouting from the rooftop!

Rebecca climbed up onto the rooftop of her farm home in rural May township to talk about climate change and her vision for the clean energy economy as the next Governor of Minnesota.


Climate Scientist Michael Mann endorses Rebecca Otto for Minnesota Governor

Michael Mann and the original hockey stick graph

Climate Scientist Michael Mann endorses Rebecca Otto for Minnesota Governor 

One of world's leading climate scientists, Mann calls Otto "a shining example of the kind of integrity and leadership we hope for in our elected leaders,"
lauds her plans to make Minnesota a national leader in jobs in the clean energy economy

June 5, 2017, State College, PA—One of the world's leading climate scientists, Dr. Michael E. Mann, is weighing in on the Minnesota governor's race with a resounding endorsement. The creator of the famed "hockey stick" graph says that three-term Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto is the best candidate to succeed outgoing Governor Mark Dayton because of her decades-long focus on addressing climate change on a personal and professional level and her plans to create jobs in the new clean energy economy.

"I'm incredibly honored and humbled by Dr. Mann's endorsement," said Otto. "This is an issue I have worked on personally and professionally for more than two decades." As State Auditor, Otto, a former science teacher, issued a nationally-award-winning report on ways local governments can reduce energy use and carbon emissions. She and her husband Shawn hand-built their solar- and wind-powered home twenty-three years ago. More than ten-thousand people have since toured the Ottos' home, which has many other features, to learn more about green energy.

Otto responded to President Donald Trump's step to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Accord by climbing up onto her rooftop and recording a one-minute video about opportunities in the clean energy economy. Both solar panels and wind generator were in evidence. 

"The clean energy economy is going to be bigger than the tech boom," Otto said, "and I want to move Minnesota out ahead of the curve, making it the Silicon Valley of clean energy innovation, and building well-paying jobs in R & D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance across our state that can benefit from this rapidly expanding new global economy. By looking at our challenges as opportunities Minnesota can prosper, and as your governor that will always be my guide."

Dr. Mann's endorsement is below.

"Rebecca Otto is a shining example of the kind of integrity and leadership we hope for in our elected leaders but too rarely see: someone who puts their money where their mouth is. I’m proud to support Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota, and urge everyone who is concerned about climate change and clean energy to join me in supporting her. After studying the evidence, Rebecca and her husband Shawn became national leaders in charting ways for governments to reduce fossil fuel energy use, and in combating industry propaganda campaigns that sow doubt about the billions of points of evidence that all point in the same direction. As the Minnesota State Auditor, Rebecca issued a nationally award-winning report on how local governments can reduce energy costs dramatically by switching to clean, carbon-free energy sources. Shawn has authored two books on the War on Science, on what the evidence says about climate change, and on how we can combat the disinformation and move forward; he also cofounded the US presidential science debate initiative and was involved in planning the March for Science. The couple built and live in a solar and wind-powered home and drive electric vehicles. Rebecca wants to make Minnesota a national leader in tackling climate change and creating well-paying new jobs in the clean energy economy, and I’m confident she will achieve her goal with our support. We need her leadership to help move the ball forward globally on this pressing issue." 

—Michael Mann
Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Penn State University,  and co-author with Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles of “The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy” 

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