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In 2018, Minnesotans must make a fundamental choice: do we want politics that looks and acts like it currently does? Or do we want a new vision and a new direction, with new leadership, where there is equality of opportunity and prosperity for everyone?

Rebecca Otto has a new vision for Minnesota called RenewMN that will give us a vibrant and diverse local economy; reinvigorated communities; strong, high quality schools; healthy, prosperous families; and a clean environment. It consists of five interlocking puzzle pieces that all support one another to Renew Minnesota. Click each piece to explore its topic. As Rebecca releases each of the five major parts of her vision, the corresponding puzzle piece will light up and link to her exciting new plans.

There are bright days ahead in Rebecca's vision to Renew Minnesota.

A clean energy plan that creates thousands of jobs A universal health plan that puts the provider-patient relationship at the center and saves costs An economic plan that meets the workforce needs of this century as it lifts Minnesota from a low-wage to a high-wage economy

How We Win in 2018

Other candidates talk about how they can win across Minnesota.
Rebecca Otto has done it. 4 times.

Otto v Dayton map

Rebecca Otto is the only candidate to unseat a statewide incumbent, and she won more Greater Minnesota counties than Democratic Governor Mark Dayton or Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty.

She has won a statewide primary 81%-19% even after being outspent 4 to 1, and three statewide general elections. She is the single strongest candidate in the race. The time is right to elect Rebecca Otto!

Learn How Rebecca Will Win


"The courage, integrity, and leadership necessary to confront and overcome political and public pressures"
—American Center for Government Auditing

Learn why Rebecca Otto is the strongest candidate for Governor in 2018. 



Learn where Rebecca stands on the issues you care about.

Rebecca on the Issues

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More than 1,100 people like you have endorsed Rebecca Otto for Governor. See who we are.


Our Revolution EndorsementDFL Environmental Caucus Endorsement

  • I am proud to support Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota and I urge people who care about science, the environment, and climate change to do the same.

    Bill McKibben

  • Rebecca is authentic and non apologetic. The most progressive, people-oriented candidate.

    Nancy Westman, Excelsior

  • I support Rebecca because I have environmental concerns over mining near the BWCA

    Kathy Heltzer, Duluth

  • Because I have seen her be true to her beliefs and not cave in to special interest groups. I believe she will lead MN in the right direction when it comes to protecting our natural areas and improving the lives of MN citizens

    Michelle Valadez, Apple Valley

  • Because she's big on the environment.

    Earl Kendall, Minneapolis

  • Because she cares about sustainable environmental practices, equal educational opportunities, equal health care, mass transportation, and reproductive rights.

    Susan Mielke, Mahtomedi

  • Because of her climate commitment.

    Jeanne Johnson, Alexandria

  • I am huge Bernie supporter and she seems the closest thing.  I am builder and admire her home with solar and wind.  I am self employed and like that she had a small business.

    Bruce Freeman, Edina

  • I am supporting Rebecca because she is kind and hardworking woman who cares about our state and people.

    Fahmo Ahmed, Minneapolis

  • I believe she is the only true Democratic candidate, or any candidate, that is capable of improving the lives and economy of Minnesota.

    Quinn Garrick, Anoka

  • I heard Rebecca speak at a fundraiser and came away thinking she's smart, gets the job done, and lives with integrity. These are qualities we need in our elected officials. I also want to help get our first female governor elected! 

    Jen Traeger, Mendota Heights

  • I think she does a great job!

    Elizabeth Erickson, Stillwater

  • I think she has experience, integrity and values supported by the majority of Minnesotans.

    Darrel Mosel, Gaylord

  • I want a strong, progressive leader for Minnesota.

    Robert Barclay, Minneapolis

  • I'm a high school student who is passionate about the future of my family, my community, and my state. I think Rebecca Otto is the best candidate to be "the People's Governor" that Minnesota has to offer. 

    Orion Difranco, Hermantown

  • I'm a huge fan of the work she did on the auditor "campaign" (if thats what you'd call it), and think we need similar statewide results to take back the house and senate, and keep the governor's office.

    Phillip Ableidinger, Plymouth

  • I've studied the candidates hard and I can tell that Rebecca is the answer. She's unwavering, outspoken, and very experienced.

    Trevor Church, Minnetonka

  • Integrity and Competence.

    Kathi Mitchell, Canton

  • Integrity, and her political views match my own. 

    Amy Goetz, Mahtomedi

  • Rebecca is 100% for protecting our environment, and working on global warming.

    Lorraine Rovig, Northfield

  • Rebecca has integrity, electability, and honesty.

    Mary Androff, Marine on St Croix

  • Rebecca Otto is a shining example of the kind of integrity and leadership we hope for in our elected leaders but too rarely see: someone who puts their money where their mouth is.

    Michael Mann, State College, PA

  • Rebecca is the best candidate. She is a true liberal with the ability to work with all. She puts justice and common sense ahead of party. I love her story. Rebecca is smart and honorable with amazing energy.

    Shari Hunter, Hopkins

  • She addresses critical issues, exemplifies truth and commitment, and best represents progress.

    Thue Rasmussen, Falcon Heights

  • She has been a heroine for me since she ran for auditor.

    Sandy Ahlstrom, Excelsior

  • She is authentic, smart, and passionate about the issues.

    Roxanne Hagge, Savage

  • She is honest and is serious about our environment.

    Jean James

  • She Rocks!

    Marlon Gunderson, Lake Elmo

  • She thinks right things.

    Warren High, Duluth

  • She's a pragmatist!

    Emily Duncanson

  • Simply stated, she's smart, she's for the people, she qualified to do the job and will stand up and fight hard for Minnesotans. Go Rebecca! 

    Tee McClenty, Eagan

  • I'm supporting Rebecca because of her intelligence, honesty, integrity, and commitment.

    Jonathan Eisenberg, Minnetonka

  • The state needs her as governor.

    George Logan, Saint Louis Park

  • We're supporting Rebecca because of her progressive values, environmentalism, and governmental transparency and accountability.

    Sara and Tom Lofgren, Lakeville

  • Rebecca makes decisions with thought & logic.

    Linda Amrein, Stillwater

  • I support Rebecca Otto for governor because she's a smart and experienced leader who makes decisions based on science and evidence.

    Sheril Kirshenbaum, East Lansing, MI

  • Rebecca will help end the corruption, and bring back the hope.

    Caleb Campbell, Bemidji

  • I believe in her bold progressive vision

    Hunter Cantrell, Savage

  • She has a great vision for the future of MN families!

    Tom Clarke, Minneapolis

  • She's the only candidate about whom I feel positive. All others, lesser evil than Daudt.

    Stephanie Digby, Saint Paul

  • I believe in her and I know she's the right person for us all

    Denise Karngbaye-Togbah, Maple Grove

  • I like her views on science, and I believe government can be a force for positive change in society.  I think she has an excellent chance of winning this election and being an effective governor. 

    Matthew Koncar, Lauderdale

  • Because she's smart, honest, and knows what we need.

    Betty Firth, Ely

  • Her platforms are paramount to long-term survival

    Connor Mikre, Minneapolis

  • She is well-informed, positive, authentic, and respects all people - LOVE HER!

    Sue Schurke, Ely

  • Because of her voting record, good stance on all the important issues, progressive view.

    Elizabeth Huber, Minneapolis


Rebecca Otto walks the talk.

Rebecca installing new solar panels on her roof. She and Shawn built their solar & wind-powered farm home with their own hands.


Rebecca Otto’s Strong DFL Straw Poll Numbers Shock Pundits and Pollsters
News Release | Feb 07, 2018
Rebecca Otto’s Strong DFL Straw Poll Numbers Shock Pundits and Pollsters Otto establishes herself as leading progressive and leading woman candidate in DFL race

Otto blasts PolyMet permits
Don David | Duluth News Tribune | Feb 06, 2018
“The draft PolyMet permit to mine does not protect the public interest, puts people downstream at risk, and leaves taxpayers unprotected," Otto said in a statement. “As drafted, the PolyMet permit to mine doesn’t protect Minnesotans and should be rejected by the Minnesota DNR."

RADIO: DFL candidates for governor differ on Vikings stadium, mining
Mike Mulcahy | MPR News | Feb 05, 2018
The DFL candidates for governor debated inside of the Kling Public Media Center in St. Paul on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018

Sanders National Delegates and Organizers Announce Support for Rebecca Otto
News Release | Feb 02, 2018
Bernie Sanders national delegate Chris Meyer (Minneapolis, Congressional District 5) was joined in the announcement by Minnesota Sanders national delegates Gabe Aderhold (Edina, CD 5), Jake Mazurek (Mound, CD 3) and Josie Myers-Kuykindall (Waconia, CD 6). Prominent Minnesota Sanders ’16 organizers Mike Kuitu (Duluth, CD 8), Kristen Larsen (Ely, CD 8) and Shawn Olson (Alexandria, CD 7) also joined in the announcement.

The common good: Why I will caucus for Rebecca Otto on Tuesday
Greg Laden | Greg Laden's Blog | Feb 01, 2018
Rebecca Otto has the best policies, and the best chance of winning. I intend to vote for State Auditor Rebecca Otto in the straw poll, and to join with others to represent my precinct in support of her candidacy for Governor.

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