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Winner of the National Award for Excellence in Accountability.
Elected President of the National State Auditors Association.
Named 1 of the 15 Most Influential Government Auditors in America.

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Rebecca Otto wins "Best Picture Oscar" of government auditing profession
News Release | National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers | Jun 15, 2017
Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto was awarded the highest honor in government auditing, the William R. Snodgrass Distinguished Leadership Award. This is the Best Picture Oscar of the government auditing profession.

Minnesota's Supreme Court must come to the rescue
Lori Sturdevant | Star Tribune | Jun 10, 2017
The Legislature’s Republican majorities are gearing up to take Dayton to court over his line-item veto just as the Otto case reaches the top of the judicial branch’s appellate ladder. I’d call that a fortuitous coincidence. The Minnesota Supreme Court is going to get a chance to go to the root of the problem: the willingness of one branch of government to usurp the constitutionally assigned power of another in order to get its way.

Our View: Legislators shouldn't booby-trap bills
Editorial Board | Rochester Post-Bulletin | Jun 09, 2017
If the state Supreme Court gets a chance to weigh in, we'd like it to issue a clear directive that legislators be mindful of the single-subject clause. At the very least, leaders on both sides of the aisle owe it to their constituents to communicate with each other regarding any last-minute additions or deletions from major bills.

Climate Change and the Minnesota Governor’s Race
Joseph Palermo | Huffington Post | Jun 06, 2017
In Minnesota a true champion of clean energy has entered the governor’s race and won the endorsement from a top climate scientist. Let’s hope Rebecca Otto’s gubernatorial bid sets an example for other state and local races.

Support Rebecca Otto for Governor of Minnesota Because it’s not just Local.
Matthew Chapman | Huffington Post | Jun 05, 2017
Rebecca Otto is a walking rebuke to Donald Trump. If she gets elected in 2018, she’ll be one of the key warriors - and a proven one with credentials no one can question - in the new American battle to fight climate change despite the federal government.

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